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How to understand housing ads?

Discover the index of abbreviations that you can find in housing ads!

  • Studio: a single room with a kitchenette

  • T2 or F2: a deux pièces, i.e., a bedroom and a living room, as well as a kitchen and bathroom

  • T3 or F3: trois pièces—a three-room apartment (usually indicating two bedrooms)

  • SdB: bathroom with tub

  • Salle d’eau: bathroom with shower

  • Appt.: apartment

  • RdC: ground floor, street level

  • Asc.: elevator

  • TBE: very good condition

  • CC: charges included. "Charges" cover the costs of maintaining the building (exterior, grounds, common areas) and providing common services (e.g., collecting trash).


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