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Gestia solidaire, the inclusive real estate agency in Lyon and Paris!

Gestia Solidaire is an inclusive real estate agency that advocates for an easier access to housing through inclusive rental investment. Gestia Solidaire offers a low-cost support service to help students without a guarantor, working people without an permanent contract, and single-parent families with low income find accommodation.

Eligibility criteria in order to rent a flat with Gestia Solidaire

Gestia Solidaire puts first people who are experiencing difficulties in accessing housing and whose applications are systematically rejected by conventional real estate agents.

About your guarantor:

  • You must qualify for the Visale guarantee. This is automatically granted if you are under 30 or if you earn less than €1,500 a month.

  • If you don't qualify for Visale, you can ask for a private guarantor like Cautioneo. 🎁 With the discount code SPIKY-RENT, you can benefit from 2 months free of charge.

About your status:

  • You must be a student without a physical guarantor,

  • Or you must be working without a permanent contract,

  • Or you must be a single-parent family and earn less than 1.5 times the minimum wage.

Selection process to rent a flat with Gestia Solidaire

With Gestia Solidaire, tenants are ranked according to the urgency of their situation. Once they have been ranked, the list is sent to the landlord, who makes the final decision regarding who to rent to.

Where can you find a Gestia Solidaire agency?


  • 9 Place Raspail, 69007 Lyon

  • 🚇MD - Guillotière

  • ✉️

  • 📱04 28 29 54 71


  • Station F, Programme Ville de Demain, 5 Av Turling, 75013 Paris,

  • 🚇M6 - Chevaleret

  • ✉️

  • 📱04 28 29 54 71


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