Hello, my name is Anne-Charlotte and I am the creator of Spiky Community.

After several trips abroad and more than three years of experience as an international digital project manager, I decided to embark on the crazy adventure of entrepreneurship!

Why? Because I have the firm conviction that together, it is possible to improve and facilitate the inclusion of foreigners in France.

How? By simplifying access to administrative information and facilitating meetings between newcomers and locals, and all this thanks to digital technology.  

Solidarity, cohesion and inclusion are the three values that have guided me throughout creation.  

Supported in 2019 by the Smerra Foundation for a test phase in Lyon, I joined the SINGA incubator in 2021 to prepare for an official and national launch by the end of the year.  

A little anecdote about the project?  In English "Spiky" means "pointed". Calling the application Spiky Community was for me a way to encourage people to face differences, not to be afraid of them and to see them as a great wealth! The hedgehog logo came naturally to complete the name 🦔

Want to discuss the project? Do not hesitate to contact me via email or Linkedin, I would be delighted to discuss.