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Hello, my name is Anne-Charlotte and I am the founder of Spiky Community.  Spiky's objective is to facilitate the reception and inclusion of all newcomers to France. How ? By bringing together and categorizing all the key information, actors and tools to settle, live and create links in France easily. And all this in a single free and multilingual mobile application.


In 2021, after more than 3 years as a digital project manager in a start-up in the e-health sector, I decided to embark on the entrepreneurial adventure. I join the Singa Lyon incubator to test a first prototype of the application. 

In September 2022, a first version of the application is launched in Lyon, Paris, Lille and Marseille.

did part of my studies abroad. When I came back to France, I missed the richness of intercultural exchanges. So I wanted to get closer to foreign people near me and help them in their move to France. I was shocked by the French administrative jungle and its millions of information to decode... So I imagined Spiky Community.

A little anecdote about the project? Calling the Spiky Community application was for me a way of encouraging people to come to grips with differences, not to be afraid of it and to see it as a great asset! The hedgehog logo came naturally to complete the name 🦔  

Want to join the project or just chat? Do not hesitate to contact me via email or LinkedIn, I would be happy to exchange. 

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