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Home insurance in France

⚠️ In France, it is compulsory for tenants to take out home insurance as soon as they move in. You must provide your landlord with a certificate of insurance at the start of the tenancy, and every year thereafter.

Home insurance covers your home in the event of a claim (fire, theft, water leaks, etc.). The insurance will be there to support you, compensate you and/or repair your home. The cost of the insurance depends on the surface area, floor, equipment, etc. You will still have to pay a fixed fee in the event of a problem: "la franchise".

⚠️In the case of shared accommodation:

Your apartment only needs one insurance to cover up for rental risks, that's why if your flatmate has filed for insurance already, you don't need to.

It is therefore important that you take out insurance to cover your civil liability.


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