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Turn looking for apartments into a simple thing thanks to a renting guarantee

Hi there! 😄 Looking for a new flat in France? Don’t worry, I’m here to make things easier for you! 🏢🔎

Here are a few tips to make this amazing quest a little easier:

1️⃣ Make the inventory of your needs

Start with identifying your main criteria. How many rooms do you need? Would you rather live in a quiet or busy area? What is your budget? This will help you sort out some options.

2️⃣ Use the appropriate online tools

Real estate websites are your best friends. Famous platforms such as Leboncoin, SeLoger ou can provide you a wide range of apartments to discover. Use the search filters to narrow down your options according to your criteria.

3️⃣ Consider postponing the date of your move

If you are able to do so, consider postponing the date of your move to a few weeks or months. Waiting a little longer sometimes allows you to find a better deal.

4️⃣💼 Subscribe to a renting guarantee:

If you are looking to rent an apartment but you don’t have any regular income, the renting guarantee is your friend! 💪💰

  • ✅ One major perk of the renting guarantee is that it offsets the lack of stable proof of income. It is super useful if your income varies from one month to the other

  • ✅ In case your encounter an unexpected financial difficulty - such as losing your job or not working as much as you would like to -, the renting guarantee can save you! It covers up for the times when you can’t pay the rent, allowing you not to worry about it. 😌

  • ✅ The renting guarantee also provides the owners with financial security. They can trust that you will be able to consistently pay the rent.

To sum up, the renting guarantee is a precious tool while you look for apartments. It offsets the lack of stable proof of income, protects you in case you encounter financial difficulties and appeases owners. Don’t hesitate considering this option to improve your rental file! 🏢💪💼

5️⃣ Don’t hesitate to ask for help

If you feel like you’re overwhelmed or if you don’t have time, you can call on a real estate agency or an apartment hunter. They have a great knowledge of the market and are able to help you.

6️⃣ Plan your visits

Once you have found a few apartments that interest you, plan to visit them. Try to plan several visits in the same day to optimize your time. Don’t forget to take notes and pictures to help you remember every place.

7️⃣ Prepare your papers

Once you’ve found your dream apartment, you have to be ready to provide the owner with every supporting document to put together your file, which generally consists of your ID, a proof of income and a certificate of employment.

8️⃣ Be patient

Finding the perfect flat can take time. Don’t give up if you can’t find anything at first. Carry on and keep looking, you will find the ideal place!

I hope these tips will be of use when you look for your apartment in France! 🏡✨ Good luck and don’t forget to keep smiling! 😉


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