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How to find accommodation in France?

How to find an accommodation in Lyon? How to find an accommodation in Paris?

You must have realised this, but it is very difficult to find accommodation in France... Find a guarantor, prepare your rental file... Spiky has listed for you the different types of solutions and websites to visit to find your accommodation and feel at home!

The different types of accommodation in France

In France, it is possible to live in private housing or in student residences if you have student status. You can find all the information about private housing in this article. If you would like more information on student accommodation (private residences, CROUS, ...) please read this article.

Renting a studio or apartment

🔎Studapart is the flat-hunting platform which includes all types of accomodation ads (student residences, flatshares, rentals, etc.) throughout France.

👉The benefits:

  • Studapart supports you right through to the end of your tenancy, and makes your life easier by reducing the documents required to a minimum.

  • From the rental application to payment of the first month's rent, the whole process is done in just a few clicks on the platform.

  • Booking is secure, Studapart checks the quality of the ads

  • Studapart offers exclusive ads throughout France

  • Booking is 100% online and secure

  • Studapart gives you advice on the city and its neighbourhoods

  • The team is available 6/7 to help you and responds within 72 hours

  • Studapart offers you relocation in case of problem "force majeure"

💸Real estate market prices: count at least 800 euros in Paris for a studio and 400 euros in the regions.

💡You can benefit from "APL", housing aid from CAF : more info

Living in a shared apartment

Colocation allows you to rent larger apartments and meet other people. This also makes it possible to share the rent, the costs of electricity, gas and internet subscription. Here is a list of websites where you can search for a shared room:

💡You can benefit from "APL", housing aid from CAF : more info

New original housing solutions

Intergenerational housing : associations connect students looking for accommodation and seniors who have a room available in their accommodation in exchange for a reassuring presence. The rents are low, even free.

Stay with a French family for free in exchange for service (pet sitting, babysitting, cleaning, etc.)

⚠️Beware of scams. Read our tips here.


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