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Accommodation scam: what you need to know

1. Beware of low price

Our advice: check the rental prices in your city and neighborhood.

Discover this rent price simulator

2. Check the photos

  • Forget the accommodation ads without photos

  • Try a reverse search on Google by dragging the photo of the ad into the search bar here

3. Do not send your rental file before the visit and do not provide confidential documents

  • Photo

  • Vital card

  • Medical file

  • Certificate of good maintenance of your bank account

  • Copy of your bank account statements

  • Certificate of absence of credit

  • Direct debit authorization

  • Marriage contract, PACS or cohabitation certificate

  • Extract from your criminal record

4. Do not send money until you have signed the lease

  • Refuse the reservation check

  • Refuse to send money by Western Union, Toneo First or Mandat Cash

⚠️ You can report a scam on the government website

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