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How to find a student accommodation in France ?

Finding an accommodation when you are a student in France can be complicated. You have to analyze the location, the accessibility, the price... many things that take time. No worries, in this article you will find all the information you need to find your student accommodation!

💡Tip: you can benefit from the "APL", the housing aid from the CAF: read more

The different types of accommodation for students in France

In France, students can live in student residences or in private housing.

You can find all the information about student residences in this article. If you would like to know more about private accommodation (renting, sharing or staying with a family), please read this article.

CROUS residences

For a reservation request for accommodation in a CROUS residence (public service), international students have to go directly through the CROUS platform (dates and deadlines are listed and updated on the site )

💶 Average prices for a single room: between 150€ and 250€

💡Good to know:

  • For students on exchange programmes (Erasmus+): it is the host university or school that makes the request.

  • For Scholarship students managed by Campus France: it is Campus France that makes the application.

Developed by the CROUS, Lokaviz is a search engine that allows students to find, anywhere in France, independent or homestay accommodation, shared accommodation, or rental against services. Some offers are labelled by the Crous, which ensures that the accommodation respects safety and insulation criteria, corresponds to market rents and is close to the universities or schools.

Private residences

There are also private student residences that offer rooms or studios. Here is a list of websites to consult:

💶Accommodation in a private student residence costs between €500 and €900.

Residences for apprentices

Run by associations, these residences provide accommodation for young workers (apprentices, interns...). You can apply if you are "just a student".

💶 It costs about 600 euros in Paris; 400 euros in the regions.


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