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Where to learn French as a Foreign Language (FLE)?

Updated: Feb 27

There are many training centres for learning French as a foreign language in France (FLE). To be sure that the centre guarantees quality training, we recommend you to choose a centre with the "Qualité FLE" label.

You can then choose a university centre, an Alliance Française or a private school. Depending on the centre you choose, you can opt for intensive, semi-intensive, day or evening courses.

University Centres

These are FLE centers within universities and higher education institutions. You will find the list of labelled centres here .

  • 💰The CIEF Centre at Lyon 2 University offers summer courses - around 750€ for 4 weeks.

  • 💰The Institut Catholique de Paris offers evening courses. You should expect to pay about 800€ for 4 hours a week for a semester.

Private language Schools

These are private language training organisations for all audiences.

  • 💰 The LSI school in Paris offers an intensive programme (24h/week) at 375€ per week. It costs 4,500€ for 3 months.

  • 💰InflexLyon also offers intensive courses. For 3 months, it costs 2,930€ (12 weeks x 240€ + 50€ registration fee).

L'Alliance française

It is a French organisation whose aim is to promote the French language and culture outside France. There are many centres abroad but also in France. It's the ideal way to learn French!

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