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Promotional codes for learning French online!

Do you want to have fun learning French? Do you want to take French lessons online? Improve your French by listening to podcasts? Practising with quizzes?

🎁 We've negotiated promotional codes just for our community at Madame à Paname.

Madame à Paname

Madame à Paname helps you to speak natural, authentic French and teaches you to dare to speak it! She'll help you discover all the secrets of Paname (=Paris) and French culture! Her unique, fun and interactive teaching method means you can learn French quickly and effectively, and have fun doing it!

Offers and discounts

Madame à Paname offers various solutions for learning or improving your French:

Conversation classes, private lessons, pronunciation classes, DELF preparation...:

Youtube videos

Podcasts every Friday to help you learn French. The premium podcast subscription gives access to the transcript, quiz and vocabulary sheet explained!

Instagram account


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