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Top cheapest thrift stores in Paris

When it comes to go shopping, buying second-hand is the eco-friendly and cheap solution - you give your clothes a second life! To do this, you can go on Vinted, or Depop and Vestiaire Collective if you're looking for rarer pieces of clothing and have a bigger budget. You can also go thrifting (the items you'll find there have been donated by people) so here are our favorite thrift shops in Paris to stay trendy for a nickel and a dime! (We deliberately didn't mention the most famous thrift shops in Paris such as Kilo Shop, FREEP'STAR or Épisode, which are nowadays increasingly targeting customers with bigger budgets).

You can also check our articles on Lille's and Marseille's cheapest thrift stores !

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Emmaüs stores


Emmaüs stores are staffed by volunteers, and all profits are donated to the Fondation Abbé Pierre.

Here are our favorites, but you can always check out the full list here.

💰 Most of the items are cheaper than 10-15€

  • 🚇 M8 Faidherbe-Chaligny 📌 47, rue de Citeaux

  • 🚇 M7 Riquet 📌 40, rue Riquet ⚠️ The store is huge so you will necessarily find what you need, but the waiting line can sometimes be long.

  • 🚇 M9 Porte de Montreuil 📌 105, boulevard Davout

  • 🚇 M1/5/8 Bastille 📌 22, boulevard Beaumarchais

  • 🚇 M2 Stalingrad 📌 5, rue Curial 💭 You get to enjoy the cultural centre as well!

  • 🚇 M8 Reuilly-Diderot 📌 20, rue de Reuilly 💭 Here you can also find furniture

Guerrisol stores

© Le Parisien

Here are some of our favorite Guerrisol stores, especially those in the same area, to make your shopping easier! You can also check out the full list of Guerrisol stores here.

💰 Most of the items are cheaper than 5€

🚇 Barbès-Rochechouart (M2/4)
  • 📌 45, boulevard de la Chapelle

  • 📌 21, boulevard Marguerite de Rochechouart

  • 📌 5, boulevard Barbès

  • 📌 17bis, boulevard Marguerite de Rochechouart

🚇 Marcadet-Poissonniers (M4)
  • 📌 96 boulevard Barbès

  • 📌 96 bis boulevard de Barbès

🚇 Place de Clichy (M2)
  • 📌 31, avenue de Clichy

  • 📌 34, avenue de Clichy

  • 📌 19, avenue de Clichy

  • 📌 13, avenue de Clichy

Ding Fring stores (Le Relais)

© France Bleu

Le Relais works in the same way as Guerrisol or Emmaüs.

💰 More expensive than Emmaüs or Guerrisol, but you will be able to find vintage items and even small creators!
  • 🚇 M11 Pyrénées - 📌 340, rue des Pyrénées

  • 🚇 M3B Pelleport - 📌 46, rue du Surmelin

  • 🚇 M13 Plaisance - 📌 39, rue Labrouste

Other stores…

📌 La Ressource de Belleville

© La Ressource de Belleville

🚇 M11 Jourdain

💰Most of the items are cheaper than 5€

⚠️ The store is only open from Thursday to Saturday, and from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM

📌 Le coffre

© Le Bonbon

🚇 M2 Ménilmontant

💰A bit more expensive than others, but you will be able to go through the "1€ tray"!


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