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Public transportation in Paris

There are lots of packages depending on your needs and situation… Spiky picked up for you the most likely to fit you and helps you see things more clearly! You can always check out the formalities and other packages here.

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Paper tickets are progressively disappearing, so you need to buy a Navigo easy card. You can use your ticket for 1:30 hour.

Spiky recommends you to take out a Navigo package among those below. In order to do that, you first need to buy a card that you can top up for less than €2. You can go to an agency, a station ticket office or the website.

Navigo Liberté +

💭 Advantageous if you don't use public transport regularly

💰 Validate your pass each time you travel, and you'll be debited the following month. €1.69 per trip and €8.45 maximum per day if you use it several times in one day. Reduced fare: €0.84

Annual Navigo

💰 All zones: €84.1/month, so €925.1/year.

+ 7.6€ administration fee

🎓 Imagine R for students and schoolchildren

💰 373€/year

+ €8 administration fee/year.

Monthly Navigo solidarité

💰All zones/month: €21.02

Who is eligible? CSS beneficiaries or unemployed people receiving ASS.

Navigo for free

Who is eligible? RSA recipients

50% discount

Who is eligible? AME beneficiaries

⚠️ Cannot be combined with the annual pass or Imagine R.

Navigo senior

Who is eligible? People aged 62 or over, who are not working or working less than half-time.

💰 42.05€/month, so 504.6€/year + 7.6€ administration fee.

👶 What about children?

💰 Younger than 4: free

💰 From 4 to 10 year-olds: -50% (on the phone or on Navigo Easy)

💰 Under 11: Imagine R Junior - €24.00/month + €8 administration fee/year.

What about employees?

Your employer is supposed to cover up for 50% of your transportation costs. Ask them for details.


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