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How to search for a job in France?

We know how complicated and time-consuming it is to find a job. In this article, we explain the differences between fixed-term contracts, permanent contracts and temporary contracts (CDD, CDI and interim). We have also listed the different search platforms to find your ideal job!

⚠️ Please note that whether you opt for a fixed-term, permanent or temporary contract, you must have a residence permit and a work permit!

1. Fixed-term and permanent contracts (CDD and CDI)

Fixed-term contracts (CDD)

Generally, companies offer fixed-term contracts to replace an employee or for a temporary position. The fixed-term contract can be full-time or part-time.

  • 👍Advantages: if you are still looking for your way, this is a good solution! Plus, you'll earn an end-of-contract bonus (10% of your total gross pay)!

  • 👎Disadvantages: it's more complicated to project yourself into a professional future and very difficult to find an accommodation because landlords favour people with permanent contracts (financial stability)

Permanent contracts (CDI)

A permanent contract is a contract of unlimited duration, concluded on a full-time or part-time basis, between an employer and an employee.

  • 👍Advantages: it is easier to get a bank loan or to find an accommodation with a permanent contract. The CDI guarantees you a certain financial stability.

👉 Here are some job search platforms:

2. Temporary employment contract (CTT) or interim

A company uses a temporary worker when one of its employees is unavailable for a certain period of time. It is a contract to carry out a specific and temporary task. This type of contract requires the intervention of a third party (temporary employment agency or Agence d'interim), which acts as an intermediary between the employee and the company. You must sign a contract with the temporary employment agency.

  • 👍Advantages: you will earn a bonus at the end of the contract (10% of the total gross salary) and you will be able to diversify your professional experience. It's also a good option to do regular assignments according to your schedule.

  • 👎Disadvantages: you never know in advance when you will find an assignment, your income will be irregular.

👉 Here are some temporary employment agencies:

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