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How to register for health insurance in France?

How to get your carte vitale? How could you register for health insurance in France and be covered by social security?

🎓You are a student

If you are European: you can order a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) for free in your country here

Otherwise, you must register for health insurance in France here

📞 If you want to contact the health insurance, it's here

💼You are not a student and you have been living in France for more than 3 months

You must complete an application form entitled "Demande d'ouverture des droits à l'assurance maladie" and send it by post with all the supporting documents attached to the mailbox of your regional CPAM. You can find the form and your CPAM here.

📂General supporting documents:

  • A photocopy of your identity card or passport

  • A photocopy of your valid permit or residence document

  • A full copy of your birth certificate or an extract from your certificate: this document must be authenticated, in particular by a legible stamp. Health insurance will let you know if it needs to be translated.

  • Your bank details for the payment of benefits

  • If you have children: you must complete a document requesting the attachment of your children here

  • Proof that you have been in France for more than 3 months:

    • If you have your own accommodation: energy, water or phone bills for the last 3 months, lease or rental agreement.

    • If you are accommodated in an accommodation and social reintegration centre: a certificate of accommodation for the last three months, rental contract or rent receipts drawn up by this centre.

    • If you are hosted by an individual: a sworn statement, written by this person, specifying the date since when you have been hosted, accompanied by rent receipts or energy bills drawn up in his name for the last three months.

    • If you do not have a personal address and have taken up residence with an approved organisation, a certificate of residence established by this organisation and covering more than three months.

📂Additional supporting documents to provide depending on your situation:

1. If you are an employee: your employment contract or a payslip.

2. If you are not an employee: a document justifying one of these situations:

  • You benefit from family aids (allocations familiales), housing aid (CAF), AAH, RSA, minimum old age ASPA, ASI, family reintegration assistance...

  • Or you are a student

  • Or you are back in France after international volunteering abroad

  • Or you are recognized as a refugee or beneficiary of subsidiary protection

  • Or you are a member of the family joining or accompanying, to settle in France, an insured person working or residing in France on a stable and regular basis

  • Or you are a young minor or under the age of 21 supported by an establishment or service within the framework of child welfare

3. If you do not have a residence permit, you can apply for AME (State Medical Aid) : more info

📞 If you want to contact the health insurance, it's here

👉 More information

With health insurance, you will be reimbursed up to 70% for most medical costs (doctor, hospital, drugs). For the remaining 30%, you will need to take out additional insurance, the private health insurance policy!

🧑‍⚕️To find a doctor in France, we use After entering the type of doctor you are looking for and the location, select a language (filter)

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