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How to prepare your rental file?

Steps to prepare your file before signing the lease:

  • Gather mandatory documents

  • Gather optional documents

  • Find a guarantor 

💡Tips: there is a lot of demand and little supply on the real estate market in France, especially in big cities. It is recommended to provide a complete file to the owner once the visit is complete.

1. Mandatory documents for a real estate rental file

  • Photocopy of ID

  • Residence permit if you came to France with a visa,

  • If you are a student:

    • Your student card or tuition certificate for the current year,

  • If you are an employee:

    • A copy of your last three pay slips

    • Your employment contract

  • If you are an entrepreneur:

    • 2 latest balance sheets

⚠️ You will need to be able to provide the same documents for your guarantor: income documents, an ID card, and a letter of guarantee...

💡Tips: here is an example of a customizable letter of guarantee 2. Optional but useful documents!

  • Your last tax notice or that of your guarantor;

  • Photocopy of the property tax notice or local taxes, if your guarantor is the owner

  • Your latest rent receipts, if you have any

  • Copy of a simulation attesting to the amount you claim, in case of eligibility for housing assistance (APL). You can do the simulation here.

3. Find a guarantor

A guarantor is a person who guarantees for you: he or she agrees to pay your rent if you no longer have the means to do so.

In France, a guarantor is almost always required for people who want to rent an apartment, whether they are foreign or French. ⚠️Your guarantor must be French. If you do not have one, other solutions are available to you:

  • VISALE, a free rental deposit if you rent an apartment or a room in a university residence. More information here

  • If you are not eligible for VISALE or the owner of your home does not recognize it; you can have a look at Garantme, Cautioneo or Unkle

💡More information about guarantor here

4. Our tips for finding accomodations in France

  • Do not wait to be in France to look for your accommodation.

  • Be careful of low rents. In Paris, it costs 400 euros for a room in a CROUS residence and at least 800 euros for a private studio. In other cities, you can divide the rent by two.

  • ⚠️Be careful of scams! Discover our tips here

  • Opt for furnished rented accommodation if you stay in France for 6 month or one year.

  • Never send money remotely without signing a lease and dealing directly with an organisation.


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