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Applications and websites to learn French while having fun

How can I learn French easily ? How can I learn French while having fun? To learn French, you can enroll in courses in private schools or university centres. You can also take online courses in groups or with a private teacher.

Ideally, you can also practise anywhere: at home, on the bus, on holiday... Here is a list of applications and websites to learn French everywhere while having fun!

Free video and news websites

TV5Monde, the world's free French-language streaming platform

Free and interactive website to learn French from videos, programs and news reports.

QIOZ, the video language learning website and app

[Only for Paris]

With QIOZ, it's easy and fun to progress in a foreign language thanks to video. Whatever your level or age, you can learn one or more languages for free, such as English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Chinese or French

Language learning applications

Duolingo, the platform for learning while having fun

Duolingo is a website and an application for free and fun language learning. The lessons are short and interactive and help develop skills for everyday situations.

  • 💰Free

  • ❤️ Duolingo is free and fun

Babbel, the tool created by language experts

All the courses have been created by language experts. With Babbel, you can learn a language about a variety of subjects such as travel and work. You can practise and improve your pronunciation with speech recognition.

  • 💰8€/month

  • ❤️ Babbel is a good compromise between the fun of Duolingo and the intensity of an online course.

Free literacy applications

HappyFle, the application for learning French in everyday situations

Reading a map, understanding a medical prescription, making a doctor's appointment... The Happy FLE application allows French beginners to discover the basics of French through everyday situations.

J'apprends, the first literacy app for adults

J’apprends is a free mobile application that allows you to learn French independently, in addition to group lessons.

  • 🎯For adults (also suitable for those who cannot read or write)

  • 💰Free

  • 📲iOS and Android

Conversation and language exchange applications

Tandem, the application with which you learn by talking

The Tandem application allows you to search for a language exchange partner according to language, location and interests! You can then choose to communicate via messages, voice notes, audio or video calls!

  • 💰Free

  • 📲iOS and Android

  • ❤️ Tandem offers in-app tutoring (paid service)

HelloTalk, the app for talking to the world

The language exchange app puts you in touch with native speakers to practise languages. As with Tandem, you can choose your mode of communication: messages, calls or videos!

  • 💰Free

  • ❤️Hellotalk offers audio lessons to learn languages in the app (paying service)


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