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Wunderflats, the reference platform for medium-term furnished flat rentals

Wunderflats, Germany's leading provider of medium-term furnished accommodation, is now present in France. The platform offers an easy, reliable and safer rental experience for tenants.

Why rent a furnished flat with Wunderflats?

Wunderflats is an ideal solution for professionals and international students visiting France. The company provides furnished accommodation available for rent for between one month and one year using the Mobility lease.

👍Advantages : the flats are fully equipped and the rent includes all utilities: wifi, electricity, heating... 🧳 It is an all-inclusive rental where tenants just have to pack their suitcases.

Wunderflats allows expatriates and international students to rent a flat in a fully safe way thanks to a 100% digital process, from the search for the property to the signature of the contract. A dedicated team is in charge of advising and accompanying them individually at each stage of the rental process.

This offer also benefits companies searching for accommodation for their employees while on a temporary mission in flats where the rent is paid by the employer.

Learn more about Wunderflats

Founded in 2015, Wunderflats has become a major player in medium-term furnished property rentals in Europe in just a few years.

👉More information on the website here


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