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Why choose the Mobility Lease for medium-term rental?

How it works, the benefits, the duration: Wunderflats explains why the Mobility Lease is right for you.

The mobility lease ("bail mobilité" ) is a regulation introduced by the ELAN law of November 23, 2018. It consists of a unique non-renewable lease signed between the owner of a furnished accommodation and a tenant for a rental period between 1 and 10 months.

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👉 The lease is meant to meet the needs of people with professional mobility looking for furnished accommodation for a medium period.

Which tenants are eligible for the Mobility Lease?

The Mobility Lease or "bail Mobilité" is only for professionals on temporary assignments and students, whether French or international. The tenant must be in one of the following situations:

  • On professional training.

  • Studying.

  • On an apprenticeship.

  • On internship

  • In public service.

  • On a professional transfer.

  • On a temporary assignment.

What furniture is available with the Mobility Lease?

The Mobility Lease (o "bail mobilité") is only used for furnished flats, which means they are equipped with the necessary elements such as a bed and bed linen, a fully equipped kitchen, an internet connection, a washing machine, etc.🧳 All the tenant has to do is pack their bags and the flat is ready to use.

What are the advantages of the mobility lease?

👉Flexibility, simplicity, and safety are the advantages of the mobility lease, and here's why:

  • No security deposit

  • Lease tailored to the needs of professionals and students

  • Easier access to an accommodation with landlords focusing on the target groups for the Mobility Lease

  • Flexibility thanks to the option of leaving the property at any time with 1 month's notice.

Need to rent a furnished flat with a Mobility lease?

Wunderflats is the German leader in medium-term furnished accommodation. Now in France, the platform offers you an easy, reliable, and secure rental experience.

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