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TOP 5 museums in Marseille

What are the best museums in Marseille ? Do you want to discover the museums in Marseille ? You will find our TOP 5 best Marseille museums here.


Located on Marseille's seafront 🌊, the Mucem is dedicated to the history and culture of Europe and the Mediterranean. Here you'll find interactive exhibitions about the evolution of Mediterranean civilisations. You can also take a stroll 👣 on the Mucem Esplanade, to admire the sea!

🕒 10am-7pm, everyday except Tuesday

🚇 T2 or T3 - Sadi Carnot

💰 Full price : 11€

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Frac Sud

The Frac Sud is a museum that showcases contemporary art 🎨. There are paintings, sculptures, photographies and works of multimedia art. This museum is a the perfect place for reflection and appreciation.

🕒 12pm-7pm Wednesday to Saturday, 2pm-6pm on Sunday

🚇 T2 or M2 - Joliette

💰 Full price : 5 €

© Made in Marseille

Musée d’Archéologie Méditerranéenne

This fascinating museum is dedicated to Mediterranean archaeology 🏛️ and offers a unique insight into the ancient history of the region. You'll discover sculptures, mosaics and everyday objects 🍶 from ancient civilisations.

🕒 9am-6pm, everyday except Monday

🚇 T2 or T3 - Sadi Carnot

💰 0 € for permanent collections


Musée Regards de Provence

Located in a renovated historic building, this museum showcases the art and heritage of the Provence region. The works 🖼️ on display date from the 19th century to the present day. You can discover works by renowned Provençal artists and explore the changes experienced by art in the Provence region over time!

🕒 10am-6pm, everyday except Monday

🚇 T2 or T3 - Sadi Carnot

💰 Full price : 8,50 €

© Bureau des Congrès Marseille

Musée des Arts décoratifs, de la Faïence et de la Mode

This unique museum celebrates craftsmanship and design 🖌️ through the centuries. You'll find a large collection of decorative objects, earthenware, furniture and costumes, showing the evolution of the decorative arts and fashion.

🕒 9am-6pm, everyday except Monday

🚇 Bus 44 - Clot Bey Paul

💰 0 € for permanent collections

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