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Top 5 good deals apps to use in France!

1.Too good to go

👉 You don't have time to cook? Download Too good to go: the free app to pick up unsold products in restaurants, cafes, and supermarkets, etc. at discounted prices!


👉 You want to travel, but you don't have enough money? Here, buses are available at lower prices for travelling throughout France and in several surrounding countries!

📲 Flixbus


👉 The more you walk, the more money you earn! Download the free app Weward!

📲 Weward


👉 Phones and computers are too expensive? Look at Blackmarket, it is an online store of refurbished and cheap electronic objects (telephones, computers, speakers, etc.)


👉 Are there no more tickets for the party of your dreams? Look at Ticketswap, it's an application to resell or buy party tickets.

BONUS: 6. Tiqets

👉Amazing monuments, attractions and experiences, what will be your next adventure in France? Book your tickets and no-queue tickets to discover Paris, Lyon, Lille, Marseille... on Tiqets!



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