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The new hot tip for Parisian activities!

We discovered and tested N'JOY, a mobile application of good deals that offers 1 bought = 1 free at more than 350 partners in the Paris region, available all year round.

We'll tell you a bit more:

With N'JOY you have access to thousands of vouchers from over 350 partners (activities, restaurants, wellbeing and travel) that you can use with your friends and family all year round!

Offer categories :

  • 🎞️ Activities (cinema, paintball, laser game, etc.)

  • 🍔 Restaurants (fast food, casual, gourmet....)

  • 💄Wellbeing (beauty salons, gyms, spas, etc.)

  • 🏨 Travel

How much does it cost?

The annual subscription to take advantage of the great offers costs €44.90.

🎁Good news, with the code SPIKY30 you can get a 30% discount on the subscription, i.e. €31.4 (€2.6/month)!

❤️ There's no commitment!

How do I download the app?

⚠️Don't forget to enter the code SPIKY30 to get 30% off your subscription!


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