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Refugee Food restaurants in Paris

Refugee Food is a project run by an association whose aim is to raise awareness of the situation of refugees and to speed up the integration of refugees into the catering industry. This article features two of Refugee Food's restaurants.

La Résidence, an integration restaurant for refugee cooks

Since 2018, Refugee Food's La Résidence has been hosting and training refugee chefs who have been granted asylum in France. It is a counter located in the heart of Paris in the Ground Control venue, and its menu is proposed by a brigade of cooks in integration: Raimot Tijani (Nigeria), Wangchuk Tsering (Tibet), Mohammad Jawad Haidari (Afghanistan), Assia Zelbah (Algeria), and Hossein Rahimi (Afghanistan).

📌 In the Ground Control dining hall, 81 rue du Charolais, 75012 Paris

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La cantine des Arbustes, community restaurant

La cantine des Arbustes is a social integration restaurant open to everyone. Different prices are offered according to income, but the same fair, tasty and balanced food is served to everyone by a team of integrated cooks. Meals are served on site, or elsewhere by partner associations. (For example, if you're a student on a grant or RSA, you can eat there for free! As a student without a grant, you benefit from the preferential rate...)

📌 5 rue des Arbustes, 75014 Paris

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