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Lyon's railway stations

Want to take the train 🚂 from Lyon? Or you're arriving in Lyon by train but you don't know how to find the station 🚉 you're arriving at? Which railway station is closest to you? Then this article is for you!

First of all, there are several options to get to Lyon from another French or European city. The first is by bus 🚌 or train 🚆. Spiky recommends the Trainline comparator, which gives you access to cheaper fares than the SNCF! Second option: carpooling. You can use Blablacar.

The Lyon Metropolitan Area is made up of 59 communes, almost all of which have a station, but we're not going to show you them all: here are the 3 main stations (Gare Part-Dieu, Gare de Perrache, Gare de Lyon Saint-Exupéry TGV), followed by 6 other local stations accessible by metro 🚇

Gare Part-Dieu

© Rails Passion

Gare Part-Dieu is Lyon's main railway station. It is also a bus station and a public transport hub. It provides links to major French cities such as Paris, Lille, Geneva and Marseille, as well as local towns such as Ambérieu-en-Bugey, Saint-Etienne, Avignon and others. You'll find plenty of shops, including a Starbucks, a Fnac boutique and a Sushi Shop!

📌 5, Place Charles Béraudier, 69003 Lyon

🚇 Gare Part-Dieu Vivier Merle : Metro B / Tramway T1 / Bus C1, C2, C6, C7, C9, C13, C25, 25, 38, 70

🚇 Gare Part-Dieu Villette : Tramways T3 and T4, Rhônexpress

🕒 Everyday from 5am to 00:45am

Gare de Perrache

© Lyon Confluence

Gare de Perrache is Lyon's second railway station. It is the city's main bus station, as well as being a public transport hub. Like Gare Part-Dieu, it links major French cities such as Nantes and Marseille, as well as smaller local towns such as Bourg-en-Bresse, Villefranche-sur-Saône and Firminy. There are shops including a Subway and a Paul.

📌 14, cours de Verdun, 69001 Lyon

🚇 Perrache : Metro A, Tramways T1 and T2, Bus C19, C21, 8, 31, 34, 46, 49, 55, 60, 63

🕒 Everyday from 4:45am to 00:45am

Gare de Lyon Saint-Exupéry TGV


Gare de Lyon Saint-Expuéry TGV is the railway station for the airport of the same name. It is used only by high-speed trains, i.e. trains to other major cities such as Lille, Paris, Marseille and Montpellier.

📌 Rue de Grèce 69125 Colombier-Saugnieu

🚇 Aéroport Saint-Exupéry : Rhônexpress, Bus 47 and 48

Now, here are some less important railway stations, easy to get to via metro :

Gare de Jean Macé

© Lyon 7 Rive Gauche

📌 Place Jean Macé, 69007 Lyon

🚇 Jean Macé : Metro B, Tramway T2, Bus C4, C7, C12, C14, 35, 64

🕒 Everyday from 5:45am to 8pm

Gare de Gorge de Loup

© Remontees

📌 Rue du professeur Guérin, 69009 Lyon

🚇 Gorge de Loup : Metro D, Bus C21, C24, C24E, 2Ex, 3, 14, 19, 45, 65, 66, 72, 73, 73E, 86, 90, 98, 98E, 142

🕒 Monday to Friday: from 9am to 11:30am, and 2:30pm to 6pm

Gare de Vaise

© Lyon Capitale

📌 2 Place de Paris, 69009 Lyon

🚇 Gare de Vaise : Metro D, Bus C6, C14, 2, 10, 10E, 20, 21, 22, 23, 31, 40, 43, 61, 71, 84, 89, 89D, 115, 118, N20, N82, S11

🕒 Monday to Friday: from 10:15am to 1pm, and 2:15pm to 6:45pm / Saturday: from 8:45am to 12pm, and 1pm to 5:30pm

Gare Saint-Paul

© Visiter Lyon

📌 11 bis Place Saint-Paul, 69005 Lyon

🚇 Gare Saint-Paul : Bus C3 and S1

🕒 Everyday from 6am to 10pm

Gare de Vénissieux

© Expressions Vénissieux

📌 Boulevard Ambroise Croisat, 69200 Venissieux

🚇 Gare de Vénissieux : Metro D, Tramway T4, Bus 35, 39, 54, 62, 87, 93, 111, 112, N81, Zi1

🕒 Monday to Saturday: from 5am to 00:30am / Sunday: from 5:15am to 00:30am

Gare d'Oullins

© Tibidibtibo

📌 Place Valmy, 69600 Oullins

🚇 Gare d'Oullins : Metro B, Bus 11, 12, 14, 15, 17, 18, 78, 88

🕒 Monday to Friday: 6:10am to 8pm / Saturday: 6:25am to 7:30pm / Sunday: 9:50am to 9pm


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