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How to subscribe to a phone plan in France?

Have you just moved to France ? Do you want to get a French phone number? What are the solutions? Do you already have a French bank account? We answer all your questions in this article.

Why do you need a French phone number?

  • This is cheaper than using your foreign SIM card, especially if you are from a non-European country.

  • You will need a French number for some services.

  • With a French mobile phone plan, you can travel and make calls in Europe at no cost.

  • France has the cheapest phone rates in Europe. Most packages allow you to make unlimited calls or send unlimited messages!

Depending on the length of your stay in France, you can opt for a prepaid card with no commitment or a phone package with or without commitment.

Prepaid or paid SIM card in France

If you are staying in France for less than a year, you can opt for a prepaid SIM card with no commitment. This is the easiest and fastest way to get a French phone number.

❤️Advantage: you don't need a French bank account to get the SIM card/

⚠️Disadvantages: you have to renew your SIM card every month. Sometimes the rates are less advantageous.

We recommend you Lycamobile which offers unbeatable deals with discounts on international communications. With Spiky you can benefit from discounts and save up to 80€ per year if you subscribe to a phone package here.🎁

Phone packages with or without commitment

If you want to live in France for more than a year and/or if you have already opened a French bank account, you can opt for a phone package with or without commitment.

❤️Advantages: more stability, lower rates.

⚠️Disadvantage: you need a French bank account and a postal address in France.

  • RED by SFR: mobile packages without commitment (€13.90 for 100GB) and internet box without commitment (from €19/month).

  • Free : from €2/month for 2 hours of calls or €14.99 for 130 GB (unlimited calls). You can pick up your SIM card in 3 minutes from a Free terminal anywhere in France: here

  • Prixtel : €6.99/month for 20GB or €9.99 for 60GB. The best with Prixtel is that you only pay for what you use!


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