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Good deal for international students: 5% discount on "Erasmus Place" day trips

Are you coming to study in Lille? To Paris? Do you want to discover France? Its regions? Unusual places?

And all this while meeting other international students like you?

🎁 Good news: we've negotiated a 5% discount on day trips organised by Erasmus place! Code: SMARTSPIKY

👉 What is Erasmus Place?

An association for international students that organises trips, events and activities to help you discover France, your city and make friends!

🎁 What promotional code?

5% off with the code: SMARTSPIKY ⚠️You need to enter the code at the last stage of registration, when you pay!

👉For which trips?

The discount code is valid for day trips.

For example: with the code SMARTSPIKY, a day in Champagne departing from Paris costs €49.4 and a day in Luxembourg departing from Lille costs €37!

  • Discover trips around Paris here

  • Discover trips around Lille here


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