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Flight delay or cancellation? Call on Airhelp for compensation!

AirHelp is a company that helps air passengers to get compensation (up to €600 per passenger) for delayed, cancelled or overbooked flights over the last 3 years.

How does Airhelp work ?

📨 Filing the claim: you need to file a claim in the AirHelp website by providing your flight details, reasons for the claim and contact information.

🔎 Verification of the claim: AirHelp verifies whether the claim is eligible using a flight database and airline regulations.

🗂️Document collection: if the claim is eligible, AirHelp will ask you to provide additional documents such as a boarding pass, proof of purchase of the airline ticket and proof of additional expenses incurred.

💻Claim processing: AirHelp processes the claim with the airline and negotiates the compensation due to the passenger.

💰Compensation payment: if the airline agrees to pay compensation, AirHelp will transfer the money to your bank account, deducting a commission.

👉More information on the AirHelp website.


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