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Discover: Find an accommodation with Wunderflats

You are looking for a furnished apartment to rent for a specific period of time. We discovered Wunderflats, the German leader in medium-term furnished rentals, now present in France.

👉 Created in 2015 to make accommodation accessible to professionals and students on international mobility, Wunderflats seduced us with its simplicity, its reliability, and especially by its solution adapted to expatriates.

What exactly is medium-term accommodation?

Going abroad for studies or professional experience is generally part of a life project defined in time.

  • Many educational programs offer the opportunity to study abroad for at least one semester, such as the European Erasmus program.

  • This also applies to end-of-study internships, one-off professional assignments, or temporary international transfers.

🏠The medium-term furnished property rental is suitable for all these situations, as it concerns rentals of between 1 month and 1 year with an advantageous lease for the tenants, namely the Mobility Lease. And this is where Wunderflats helps.

About Wunderflats

The platform brings together owners of furnished properties and tenants looking for accommodation. The German leader responds to a double challenge:

  • reliability, by offering verified and quality flats,

  • and ease, through optimized rental processes for foreigners.

🚀With just a few clicks, it is possible to book your accommodation for a period of between 1 month and 1 year.

Which tenants book on Wunderflats

The German platform attracts expatriates from all over the world, whether they are employees, digital nomads, or students. In fact, more than half of the tenants booking a flat are professionals, followed by trainees and students.

🌎In terms of expatriate origin, Americans and British alone account for over 60% of rental requests.

What we liked about Wunderflats

❤️The booking process is simple, reliable, and 100% online with personalized (and human) assistance at every stage.

❤️It is a serious platform that also has a proven track record of customer satisfaction in terms of Google ratings (4,4/5).

❤️Wunderflats offers a global service dedicated to expatriates with adapted flats, an all-inclusive furnished rental (wifi, electricity, etc...), and a dedicated lease with a Mobility lease.

👉 This is the medium-term rental company to follow. And it's our favorite of the month!

More information on the website


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