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CPEFs in France: centres for gynaecological follow-up, screening, contraception, etc.

In France, the Family Planning or Education Centers (CPEF) are places of reception, listening, discussion and advice on fertility, sexually transmitted infections, sexuality, abortion (voluntary termination of pregnancy).

These centres are free for those under 18 and for people without medical insurance.

👩‍⚕️Doctors are here to:

  • Perform a gynaecological examination and follow-up

  • Prescribe suitable contraception

  • Offer free contraception to minors and people without medical insurance

  • Detect and treat sexually transmitted infections

  • Talking about sex and pregnancy

  • Perform abortion

👉 There are marriage counsellors for those who need help to dealth with difficulties among their couple, their family, their role as a parent...

They also support victims of violence.

🔎 To find a centre nearby, you can search for "Planning familial" or "CPEF" on Google Maps.


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