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How to get a driving licence in France if you don't speak French?

How do I get my driving licence in France if I don't speak French?

How can I get the theoretical and practical driving licence in France if I don't speak French? What solutions exist to get the driving licence? How much does the driving licence cost in France?

The cost of a driving licence in France

In order to get the driving licence in France, you must have passed the theoretical test "Code de la route" and have done at least 20 hours of driving.

💰It cost arround 55€ the driving hour (1 100€ for 20 driving hours) and 300€ for the theoretical training).

💡Online solutions to save on the cost of preparing for the theoretical exam exist: from 5€ to access all the exercices and online courses + 30€ to susbcribe to the exam.

💡If you don't speak French well, there are driving schools that offer theoretical and driving lessons in different languages.

How to get a driver's licence without speaking French?

👉It is possible when registering for the driving exam to specify your level of French. To do this, you must:

  • On the registration questionnaire, answer NO to the question "Does he understand and read French fluently?

  • Attach a written request for registration to the application form, specifying

    • Your nationality

    • The dialect spoken

    • If you want to have an interpreter.

👉The translator (within the limit of three languages per session) must be certified. He/she translates the elements of the question literally, without rephrasing them, using synonyms or interpreting them. You will then be able to take your test in the best possible conditions.

🔎If you need a list of certified translators, you can read our article on this subject.

💰 The cost of the interpreter will be paid by the candidate or the driving school.


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