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Banks for English speakers in France

Do you speak English but don't speak French well? Do you want to open a bank account? Do you have a question about your bank card?

Don't worry! In France, there are banks that offer their services and help their customers in English and Spanish.

We have compiled a list of banks adapted to English speakers in France.

HSBC: the bank allows you to open a French account online, simply by presenting an identity document and proof of residence, with no entry barriers such as income or deposits.

CA Britline: if you are resident in the UK or Ireland, or are a British or Irish expatriate resident in France.


You can also check out N26: a fast and easy neobank with English-speaking customer service.

Discover a convenient and 100% mobile bank with an intuitive app. With N26, you can open your free online bank account in a few minutes and get a free virtual Mastercard for all your payments.

There are no account maintenance fees, no minimum deposit amount and no foreign transaction fees.

👉 Website

🔎If you want more information about neobanks, you can read this article.

💡Pssst: there are also banks adapted to Spanish speakers, we explain it all in this article.


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