The free App you need

to easily settle in France !

Spiky is a free mobile application that makes the integration of foreigners easier and that encourages intercultural meetings.

Are you foreigner ?

Have you just laid down your hat in France ?
Do you feel lonely ?

Do you have tons of questions ? 
Are you lost with administrative procedure ?

Download Spiky, the App you need to easily settle in France !

Are you french ?

Are you back from a stay abroad ?

Do you want to meet foreigners to help them in their integration ?

Join the Spiky Community and meet foreign people
nearby !

What is

Spiky Community ? 

A free mobile app that provides access to:


  1. Spiky Formalities : get all the answers to your questions about visa, accommodation, aids, transport...

  2.  Spiky Community : meet-and-greet chat between French and foreign people nearby

  3. Spiky Blog : find the hip and exciting activities in Lyon

Spiky Community,

Who is it for ?

Spiky is for:

  1. International students, Erasmus, expatriates ...

  2. French people coming back from a stay abroad

  3. All people with an international open-mindedness

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Why have we created

Spiky Community ?

Spiky meets a threefold societal need:

  1. Support the integration of foreigners

  2. Help the re-integration of French people who have been abroad once they're back to France

  3. Offer French people who are open to the world a platform where they can finally be an actor of social cohesion

Available in English,

French and Spanish



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iOS and Android