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Rediscover the taste of travel

Excursion d'une journée

You just came back from abroad and have the comeback blues?
Do you want to meet foreign people near you?
Share your experiences with other French people who have traveled?
Or practice languages? 

Download Spiky Community, the first free app that puts you in touch with foreign and French people close to you, according to languages or common areas of interest.

Meet people in your town 

Have you just moved to Lyon and don't know anyone? 
You don't know the city, its tips and useful information? 

Spiky Community is a free app that allows you to find tips and useful information to settle in Lyon (finding accommodation, understanding urban transports ...)!

Thanks to the app, you can also meet foreign and French people with common interests, a few steps from your home!


Spiky Community
Your co-pilot to easily
settle in Lyon

The first free app that puts you in touch with foreign and French people with the same hobbies, a stone's throw from your home. 
Free, reliable and easy to use
Available in French, English and Spanish
Spiky Community is only present in Lyon for the moment
but we will arrive very quickly in other cities 🚀


Help foreign people close to you! 


Do you want to support a just and local cause? Do you want to participate in the inclusion of foreign people nearby?  

Download Spiky Community and join the Sponsors community to help foreigners with administrative formalities, coach them to find a job, teach them French ...

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