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Learn French in Lyon

Courses from University 

Some universities offer French learning courses: summer internships, training for exiles, annual or semester program for studying French... Here is the list of Lyon universities offering these services:

Courses from University
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French School in Lyon 

There are several private schools in Lyon to learn French and prepare DELF A1-C2:

  • Lyon Bleu 

    • French courses from 1 week to a semester

    • Intensive or semi-intensive program

    • French session semester

    • one-to-one races

    • DELF & DALF Preparation...

  • Lyonnais Institute

    • Standard, intensive and super intensive program

    • Evening classes

    • Accommodation

    • Special races

  • InflexLyon

    • Intensive and super intensive program

    • Evening classes

    • Online French classes

    • Special races

French school
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Free apps to learn French
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Free apps to learn English

  • Tandem : FREE application that connects learners of several languages ​​to practice them in context.

  • TV5 Monde : FREE application that offers 3,000 exercises to learn the French language from videos or news broadcasts

  • Duolingo : FREE application to learn French in the form of small translation exercises: reconstruct sentences, speak using the microphone...

  • Happy Fle :  FREE application for learning F rench as a foreign language (level A1) for beginners in French.

Events to meet English
The best way to learn French is to meet and converse with natives. Several meetings take place in Lyon to meet French and foreign people: 
  • SINGA Blabla : each Tuesday in a bar of Lyon - Have a look of the Facebook group to be aware each week.
  • Polyglot Cafe : each Friday in a bar in Lyon - Have a look of the Facebook page to be aware each week.
  • Blabla Exchange Lyon : every tuesday or thursday in Lyon - Have a look of the events on Meetup

Events to meet French
Instagram accounts to learn French
@french.toons: learn French with cartoons
@francaisavecmarijo: learn French with vocabulary and synonyms!
@les_recettes_de_grammaires: learn French with a French teacher (DELF B1, B2 and DALF C1)
Instagram account to learn French
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