A perfect marriage of 2 girls obsessed with Lyon, France, passionate about different cultures, travelling, sharing their passion with others and wanting to help others who want to explore France. 

We hope you will enjoy reading our news and using our application.

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My name is Anne-Charlotte, I’m the founder of Spiky Community. I’ve lived in Spain and travelled in the world and I realize two things:

  1. The lack of information when you just laid down your hat in a new country. Do I need a visa ? Which accommodation ? What are the means of transport used ? How to create a bank account ? ...

  2. The difficulties that you have to face when you come back home. Where can I find foreign people? How can I make their integration easier ? 


That’s why I’ve created Spiky Community, a free mobile application that makes the integration of foreigners easier and that encourages intercultural meetings.

This app is for you, so don’t hesitate to send me your recommendations or suggestions about it at

My name is Aga. I am a Polish Girl who felt in love with Lyon and moved here. I have been learning more about France and everything what is French.

Not having any experience with France whatsoever, not speaking any French as yet, I have been gaining many observations about France  and sharing my passion for Lyon and everything what is French while slowly settling in France.


Because jadorelyon ( truly!

I met Anne Charlotte while staying up to date with the actualities around Lyon. She found my blog, I discovered her application…


With any questions, suggestions and feedbacks, do not hesitate to contact me at I would love to hear from you!